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The world may feel dark right now, but theres is also a light. As the COVID-19 pandemic forces us to physically apart, it also makes us realize how important human connection is. It makes us find new ways to come together.

We have been inspired to watch the global community rise up to meet this challenge. We know these are difficult times, that so much is uncertain. We also know that the way we can get through it is together. That’s why we created this site—to give you a little positivity, a connection with others and an opportunity to spread the love.

Send a note out to the world or someone special. Tell us how you feel. What scares you? What gives you hope? Then read a note from your local community—all those other souls stuck inside but still reaching out.

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As an immigrant that came to the USA and is proud to call it my home. The hope still lives on and our nation is strong and will overcome this pandemic. We are the strongest country in the world. We will rise up with strength, courage and most of all Faith in our hevenly father God.

Keep calm keep cool be good .love you a bunch

Hi mom and dad. love you

Know that you may be a carrier.
Always wash your hands.
Keep your distance.
Sharing is not caring.
Know that if you were gone,
You would be missed.
Lean on your friends when in need.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
2-1-1 and police department outreach
Can be your friend.

Love you all. Miss you. Growing up with you all was heavenly. 💖😘

Hi Dad, I hope your having a great day , may God bless you always ❤️ Your always in my prayers. Love Vero and kids

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