This site was created by Esparza Digital + Advertising. We’re a 15-person strong team of advertising and marketing creatives, strategists and digital specialists located in the heart of downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.

As we’ve watched the COVID-19 pandemic unfold day after day, collectively we’ve had one reaction (outside of horror). What can we do?

We aren’t health care workers. We don’t drive food across the country or stock it on the nation’s grocery store shelves. To everyone who does, we say THANK YOU. And while we aren’t on the front lines of this, we also wanted to do something. As our team began working from home full-time, we realized how important human connection is, and how we need it even more when we can’t be physically together. And so this site was born.

Our hope is that it will inspire people to reach out with notes about how they’re feeling during this challenging time. And that it will provide a moment of connection, positivity and light in your day.

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